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Evaluation of frameworks - how Signum fared

Feb 19, 2010 at 6:26 PM

I am working in VS 2008 C# Express on creating a software application that will allow me to do linguistic analysis more easily. To help decide which of the many helpful-looking frameworks to use on the project, I have broken out a small portion of the project that includes data storage, data manipulation and data display in a Windows Form. In the future, I may want to collaborate with other linguists, so a web version will be in order. But a form version is adequate for now.

The small project allows the user to choose a text file. It then opens the file, assigns the file to a DataStream object. Next it splits the file's content into chunks of text. Each chunk of text is assigned to a TextLine object. Finally, the TextLines are retrieved from the database and displayed on the form in text boxes with lots of room between each box for future functions to display things.

So, how did Signum Framework fare? I chose it first because I really liked the idea of focusing on the objects and allowing the framework to deal with the database. Signum Framework lived up to its promise of taking care of setting up the database for me. (The one small hurdle I ran into because of VS Express is documented in another discussion in this forum.) I especially liked the ease of changing the properties of my objects. Whenever I changed my mind on this, one line of code was enough to rebuild the database with the appropriate new schema.

For retrieval of the data for display, I used LINQ because I know it well for simple queries. I suspect that Signum Framewok has some tools to help with more complicated setups that I did not bother to figure out or take advantage of. Perhaps someone who has could comment on them. Specifically, how to automatically delete the associated TextLines when I wanted to delete a DataStream (cascade deletion) was not obvious to me.

I will repeat this project with some of the other frameworks (Calcium, Cinch, others) to see if I like them any better. If I do not, then I will come back and try Signum with the next piece of the project. I plan to add to this discussion thread at that point. So far, I really like Signum Framework.

Feb 20, 2010 at 2:52 PM

Hi Hezek1ah,

I'm glad you're happy with SF so far. It's true that deletion is a 'second citizen' feature because it's hard for the framework to know what you really want to delete, and is something we don't do often from the application itself.

I hope we have some time to release the 2.0 version soon and you like it even more.

Tell us about any other feature in the other frameworks that you would like to have in SF.