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Signum Framework 2.0 Released!

Major Improvements:
  1. Signum.Web: brand new library for simplifying writing web applications of Signum Entities, using ASP.Net MVC, Razor, jQuery and jQuery UI.
  2. Fast Fast Fast: lots of improvements in performance, especially concerning LINQ queries and saving entities.
  3. More powerful LINQ provider: better inheritance support, extension points, etc...
  4. Improved Search Window: add and remove columns and multiply results by collections (both in Windows and Web).
  5. New look in Signum Windows
  6. Zillion tiny changes to make writing code more pleasant

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Project Description

Signum Framework is the new Open Source framework from Signum Software for writing data-centric applications over the latest Microsoft technologies: LINQ, WPF, ASP.Net MVC.

It provides a consistent model for N-layer architectures by moving the entities to the very center of your solution using Signum.Entities.

Our cutting-edge ORM, Signum.Engine, has one of the first full LINQ Providers implemented outside Microsoft offices.

Signum.Windows dramatically simplifies giving a WPF user interface to your entities. Also, Signum.Web (an ASP.Net MVC version of the same idea) is around the corner.

Main Features:
  • Entities-first approach
  • ORM with a full LINQ Provider
  • Unified validation
  • Schema generation (and sync)
  • WPF smart-client interface
  • ASP.Net MVC web interface (working on it...)

  • Promote simple and clean code, avoiding astronautical architectures
  • Favour compile-time checked C# over error-prone XML configurations
  • Create a solid foundation for the integration of application modules (on schema, BL and UI code)
  • Encourage a more functional way of programming
  • Avoid code duplication at any cost
  • Be a good citizen wherever we are (.Net, LINQ, WPF, ASP.Net MVC) following common practices and conventions

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